Welcome to inRound Innovations. We hope that you will find this experience with inRound an enjoyable and, most importantly, a rewarding one!
Our mission here at inRound is to become the "Employer of Choice" within the Ottawa Staffing Community. In order to accomplish this, we feel that inRound needs to provide the following to both our applicants and existing employees:
  • a fair and comprehensive evaluation process that will best reflect your talents and motivational drive
  • equal opportunity for all applicants, regardless of age, race, religion or sex, to have access to leading edge and rewarding job opportunities
  • placements in work environments that will best showcase your skills, experience and drive to succeed as well as providing competitive compensation packages
  • and last but certainly not least, regular communication with the inRound team, whether you are out on assignment or preparing for the next exciting opportunity, we commit to keeping you informed with the information that is relevant to you!
Join the inRound Innovations Team as we strive to "raise the bar" in the Ottawa Staffing industry.
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